Wash Kleen is a fully insured company that can handle all your commercial cleaning needs. We specialize in large structure cleaning, multi unit cleaning, factories, gas stations, banks and more.


Concrete Cleaning

Our concrete cleaning process includes a hot water steam cleaning of the concrete. All surfaces will be pre-treated with a detergent mix that begins breaking down the dirt, oil and algae before we start the soft or pressure washing process. Concrete surfaces will be cleaned with a surface cleaner made specifically for cleaning concrete and other hard surfaces. This allows for a much smoother and even cleaning of the concrete.

Building Cleaning

Our building cleaning covers a wide gamut of materials and structures. Our soft wash cleaning process allows us to safely clean buildings and structures that are made of limestone, stucco, dryvit, vinyl siding, brick and other surfaces with a safe low pressure cleaning that will not damage the integrity of the structure.

Multi-Unit & HOA Cleaning

With our soft wash house washing and low pressure roof cleaning Wash Kleen can safely and quickly clean and maintain the exterior of your condominiums, townhomes, apartments and can service HOAs (Homeowners' Associations). We can also maintain your sidewalks and walkways, driveways and parking areas, breezeways and staircases, common areas and much, much more.

Rust Stains

Cleaning rust stains can be a very difficult task and very damaging, and unsafe if not done correctly. Wash Kleen's staff is properly trained to clean and remove rust using the correct chemicals and detergent along with proper methods leaving your facility rust-free and looking good as new.

White Membrane and TPO Roof Cleaning

Professional roofing manufacturers recommend cleaning white membrane single ply roof systems at least once annually. UV rays and excessive heat break down the material quicker than anything else. Keeping these roofs clean will ensure ultimate reflectivity and a cooler substrate.

Membrane roof systems are intentionally colored white. White is the most reflective color and it keeps the surface temperature lower than that of a dark or dirty roof. Over a period of time dark algae will grow on the white membrane roof lessening it’s energy savings and lifespan of the roof. Cleaning these roofs annually will not only lengthen the lifetime of the roof but will also be more cost-effective in energy savings.

Waste Water Reclaim

Wash Kleen offers a waste water reclaim and recovery that allows us to recover and properly dispose of the unclean and contaminated water that is removed from your service. This service not only allows us to clean the exterior of your facility but also the interior.

Graffiti Removal

The last thing that a business or city wants to see on the side of their buildings, bridges and other structures is someone’s gang tag, or any other other unwanted graffiti. Wash Kleen uses a professional grade graffiti removal chemical that removes the graffiti with no outlines and no damage to the surface of the property.

Factory Cleaning

Keeping the exterior and interior of a factory or production facility is no small task. The staff at Wash Kleen understand this and take extra steps to ensure that the commercial cleaning of your facility goes smoothly and on schedule. As the owner, I promise to be on every commercial project from start to finish. Our goal is to make the cleaning process for your factory or production plant a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our flexible schedule allows us to come in and do our cleaning process during your downtime. All of our staff goes through annual training and you can be assured that we will meet all safety standards.

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