Wash Kleen specializes in gas station soft/pressure washing and gas station cleaning that is environmentally safe. Our gas station washing service will minimally impact your business as we work around your schedule and work during your slowest times at the pump. We proudly service gas stations throughout Kentucky.

We have become experts at pressure washing gas stations in Kentucky over the years. We have developed methods that work and allow us to get in and out quickly so that minimal interruptions to your gas station occur. The use of large area surface cleaners allows us to clean large areas quickly and efficiently giving you amazing results. We would be happy to offer a free consultation regarding our gas station cleaning services.


Improve Your Gas Station’s Appearance with Gas Station Cleaning Services from Wash Kleen

Like most businesses, the curb appeal of your business can have a huge impact on your bottom line. If you are a gas station or convenience store owner, it is essential that you maintain your property to let customers know you care about your business and to give them the best experience possible.

Each week, hundreds and hundreds of drivers will stop in to fill up their vehicles and due to the amount of traffic, your gas station is susceptible to being stained by grease, oil, and other grime. Graffiti can also be an issue at gas stations as well. The most effective way to get rid of daily abuse is to have the premises pressure or soft washed regularly. There are tons of benefits to cleaning your gas station's exterior.

Attract More Customers!

Common sense will tell you that a clean gas station will attract more customers. Dirty gas stations can lose potential customers based on the appearance of the property. Your customers will be happy, safe and secure when they see that you keep up the appearance of your gas station.

Increases property value

Stained sidewalks, concrete, dirty pumps and more can instantly decrease the value of your gas station. Graffiti on the walls can also impact value. Keeping up with the cleanliness of your gas station over the years will help increase your property value over time.

Wash Kleen has tons of experience effectively and efficiently cleaning gas stations. We always use the proper methods and mixture of chemicals to ensure the best clean without damaging your property. Please contact Wash Kleen today for a quote!

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