As a commercial building owner, you invested in concrete as an upgrade to make a better impression on your customers, but if your concrete is dirty and drab, then it isn’t creating the impression that you upgraded for. And you have an obligation to keep people safe when they are on-premises, which can’t be done if your concrete is caked with mold and mildew. Our concrete cleaning service will not only make a good first and lasting impression; it reduces the likelihood of litigation due to a slip and fall incident.

Quick and Convenient

We understand that concrete cleaning your commercial building can be inconvenient and present challenges for your clientele, which is why we do everything we can to limit our presence!

Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to get in and get out quickly without sacrificing quality. We also work closely with our commercial property owners to avoid peak times and show up around your schedule. Our team has perfected the commercial pressure washing process to make it as seamless and convenient as possible, so we don’t compromise your bottom line or put hurdles in your way!

Rust and Stain Removal

Stains and rust can do a number on the aesthetics of your concrete surfaces, and pressure washing is often not enough to get out tough stains and rust. Rust removal can be extremely difficult and damaging if you aren’t doing it correctly.

Our staff is expertly trained to clean and remove rust using industry-approved chemicals and detergents along with the proper pressure washing method to leave your facility rust- and stain-free and looking amazing!

Concrete is Low-Maintenance,
Not No-Maintenance

While it is true that concrete is low maintenance, that does not mean that it requires no maintenance. Having your concrete cleaned will reduce the risk of permanent staining as well as reducing root growth. By pressure washing your concrete, you will reduce the risk that roots and weeds growing around your concrete will lead to expensive and hard-to-repair concrete buckling and cracking!

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