Gas stations require a good bit of attention and cleaning to ensure that they are clean and safe. When gas and oils spill onto the pavement and are left to sit unaddressed, they can lead to dangerous and slick conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your customers and employees are safe at your gas station; therefore, hiring a pressure washing service is not a suggestion - it is a must!

We Work Around Your Schedule,
Not Ours

As gas station pressure washing specialists, we understand that our presence can be a nuisance to your customers, so we do all that we can to limit our presence. We have invested in cutting-edge technology that allows us to get in and out quickly without sacrificing quality. Our team is coordinated to perfection so that you experience little to no downtime. When possible, we’ll schedule around off-peak hours to avoid disturbing your business operations.


Gasoline and oil also present specific environmental concerns. At Wash Kleen, we have the training and expertise necessary to use industry-approved and safe cleaning solvents. We also have invested in the equipment to remove excess chemicals and oils for a cleaner gas station for you and a cleaner environment for all.

Yes, Cleanliness Does Matter, Even for Gas Stations

As a gas station owner you are competing with other gas stations in the same area, and your station’s cleanliness does matter. And if your gas station has a convenience store, you want to be sure that you are making a good impression on potential customers by keeping things bright and clean. Allowing grunge, oil, and grease to sit will increase the likelihood of stains that you can’t get out. That’s why regular pressure washing is a good idea as part of your maintenance routine!

Attract More

Nothing acts like a beacon more than a brightly lit and clean gas station and convenience store. Since you are open all night, you want to make sure that your windows are clear and clean and your lights are shining as brightly as possible. A well-lit and maintained gas station gives people a sense of security, especially after hours. If you have a drab and dark establishment, it is more likely that people will keep on driving.

Your Gas Station Is an Investment, Just Like Any Commercial Property

Your gas station is a huge investment, which is why you should spend the money and energy to maintain it properly. Pressure washing and soft washing is an excellent way to retain equity in your business and reduce the wear and tear that can lead to devaluing your gas station. We have the tools necessary to get everything clean and the expertise to reduce the risk of potential damage - all without sacrificing quality!

A Special Kind of Service for A Special Kind of Service

We consider ourselves a special kind of service for the special kind of service that you supply. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are the least disruptive, the most effective, and the most impactful crew in the business. We work overtime hours to provide the most flawless experience and best overall gas station pressure washing and soft washing in the Greater Southern Kentucky area. Ask around: we have an established reputation because we do what we do better than the rest.

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