Roof maintenance is a must to reduce the risk of unnecessary repairs, and although people talk about pressure washing as a viable way to maintain roofs, it’s actually not. Only soft washing is appropriate for roofing material. If you use pressure washing, the high pressure can inadvertently wear away at the granules of the shingles, reducing their lifespan, and it can also result in broken, cracked, or buckling shingles.

A Soft Washing Roof Method is the Only Choice

At Wash Kleen, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to know what methods can safely be used on all of your external surfaces. We use only soft washing for roofs, mixed with safe and industry-approved solvents to remove algae, mold, and mildew from the surface. This both makes it look better and reduces the risk of moisture damage that can lead to unnecessary repairs - or worse, having to replace your roof altogether.

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